Below are the talks that I have given so far. Feel free to contact me if you would like me to give a talk at your event. I have been programming professionally for many years and I am very interested in how we can get better at communicating our ideas when build software both at a beginner and experienced level. I am also interested in talking about how we can bring more empathy into what we do in the tech industry.

  • Continual Code Review
    • Given at the Code Camp Wellington 2016 conference.
    • A talk about pair programming, advantages, pitfalls, and tips.
  • Micro App Deploys
    • Given at WellRailed the Wellington Ruby user group.
    • A talk about Dokku and my experiences using it to deploy to a VPS.
  • Lightning Talk on the Virtus Gem
    • Given at WellRailed the Wellington Ruby user group
    • Talking about using Virtus for things like Form Objects.
  • Programming for People
    • Given at the first RailsGirls Wellington
    • Brief history of programming and why it is important to keep people in mind when you program.