This is my now page.

I am interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and making any level of it more accessible to others. I did some AI in university but I never got around to pursuing it much after that. So, the projects I am going to pursue over the next while will to be to with AI, as well as having a play with programming languages and tech that I am currently interested in.

The programming languages I am currently interested in and would like to have a play (in current level of interest order):

I am also interested in distributed systems so I am interested in looking into how the following tech might work into a distributed AI system:

Finally, I have bought some “Internet of Things” tech which I will aim to incorporate into projects:

I will update this page with links to the projects as they get started but I will also have links to them generally on this site.

One more thing that I am going to be working on is trying to find alternatives to sharing just on contemporary social media. So, if I am feeling comfortable with it I might also be trying to write a bit more in the way of personal posts as well.