About - Samson Ootoovak

Samson Ootoovak (me)


It is my last name, which is Inuk, and it is pronounced in three syllables as follows:

Oot (think how a stereotypical Canadian would pronounce “out”)
two (like the number 2)
vuck (like the word “duck” but starting with a v instead)

Oot - two - vuck

Who are you?

Samson Ootoovak, as mentioned above, and I am originally from Baffin Island (in northern Canada) and I am now living in New Zealand. I work professionally as a web developer but I have a general interest in STEM and art.

What is the deal with this blog?

This blog will include personal thoughts, projects and reflections about things like programming. I use my personal time is for learning and experimentation so here is where I will aim to stretch myself, and write about the results (or even as I go). From time to time it may also include a wider range of more personal topics as well.

Note about the blog tech

This blog is built using the Hexo blog framework and a heavily modified version of the Flexy theme.